First Post: Welcome to Taiwan

First Post: Welcome to Taiwan

If I kept a steady journal for my time in Taiwan, the first entry would look something like this…

February 14, 2017

I’ve arrived in Taiwan, and I’m now in Toufen, a city less than an hour south of Taipei.
It’s been a long day—or two, if you look at the calendar. My parents dropped me off at the Eugene Airport on Monday morning around 4:30 A.M. to catch a flight to San Francisco. After a layover in San Francisco, I flew to Taipei by way of Hong Kong, and we travelled across a blue sky that was sunlit throughout a flight time of 16 hours: the result of flying west through time zones, chasing the sun. By the time I presented my passport to the customs agent in Taipei-Taoyuan International Airport, the local time was about 10:00 Tuesday night.
I was fortunate to be greeted at the airport by three Columban Missionaries, with whom I gathered my bags and drove to Toufen.

During the next five months that I will spend in Taiwan, it is one of my goals to keep a journal with entries much like the one you have just read. However, I have a hardbound journal for these entries, and so they will remain there; I won’t bore eyes on this blog with the synopsis of my every day in Taiwan. For a description of whom I am and why-on-Earth I’m in Taiwan, head over to my About page.

On this forum, I intend to reflect on my experiences, to consider and add color to my life as a service volunteer in Taiwan.

Do you wonder about coffee in Taiwan? Is there coffee? Is it good? Not as good as Starbucks, right? What about traditional teas? This is one segment of my life in Taiwan that I find personally important—maybe because I’m a coffee-snobby product of the Pacific Northwest—and so I will devote one post to answering these questions, among others. I’ll try to reflect upon one topic as pressing as this during each week while I am here. Happy reading! Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!